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Our first priority is your comfort and safety.

Enjoy our high-level transfers and tour services and we promise you the best transfer prices without waiting at airports, harbours, stations and without hidden debits. Transports from/to Crete’s airports/ports, transfers from/to hotels, tours throughout the island. Our drivers’ punctuality, honesty, friendliness and their routing knowledge are qualities our guests mostly appreciate.


Contact us via phone or email: (+30) 28210 89360 & [email protected]

Roundtrips discounts 10%. The discount applies on the fare of your return transfer.

By using this website in any way you have agreed to each and every of the following terms and conditions:

I’m travelling with a large amount of luggage. Will there be any extra charges?

The maximum number of luggage our vehicles can carry is 4 medium sized or 3 large sized suitcases. However if you are planning on travelling with bulky luggage (oversized suitcases, a bicycle or a wheelchair) please let us know in advance so we can provide you with a vehicle with the most spacious port baggage.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Any amendments or cancellations should be made by e-mail at [email protected].

Do you have a non-show policy?

If Let’s transfer is unable to contact the passenger or related contact person after 60 minutes of the scheduled pick-up time, by means of the information provided on the reservation, then the ride will be considered a no-show and will be abandoned. Not being at your pick-up location without notifying Let’s Transfer may result in a no- show charge and no funds will be reimbursed.

What should I do if my flight changes?

Our drivers are constantly informed regarding the arrival times, however if you have this information in advance, you can contact us.

How do I get greeted at the airport?

Our driver will hold a sign, displaying your name. In case you do not see the driver waiting for you, please call us at (+30) 28210 89360.

I am traveling with a pet. Is it possible to book a transfer with Let’s transfer?

If you are traveling with a pet, please mention it in your reservation and we will offer you an adequate vehicle for your needs. Consult our ‘Terms and Conditions’ for more information on our policy on traveling with pets.

I cannot find the destination in the booking form. What should I do?

In case that your pick up or/and drop off destinations are not in our preselected locations in the booking form, we invite you to

a. Request a Transfer or

b. Contact us

What if I have more luggage than the baggage allowance for my booking?

If you are traveling with more luggage than the allowance, ensure you book enough vehicles to be able to transport all your belongings without going over the maximum capacity. Chauffeurs retain the right to refuse service based on the amount of additional luggage, and excess baggage may also result in additional charges.

What if my by-the-hour ride ends outside of the city it started in?

If you make an hourly booking that ends in a different city from the pickup location, you will be charged for the additional distance it takes the chauffeur to return to their city.

Can you smoke in the vehicle?

To ensure cleanliness and air quality for all our guests, smoking is not permitted in Let’s transfer vehicles. This includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, and any other tobacco or non-tobacco products consumed via smoking. Violating this policy can result in additional charges.

How many guests can you transport?

The passenger capacity depends on the vehicle type. These numbers are not absolute as they are based on average luggage sizes. As safety is our highest priority, chauffeurs may decline service if the amount of guests or luggage would make the ride unsafe.

Can I bring food and drinks into the car?

Cleanliness of the vehicles is an important part of our service, so we discourage the consumption of food during rides. Alcoholic drinks are only allowed to be consumed in the car with prior consent, and if in agreement with local laws. If a guest becomes too intoxicated, the chauffeur may ask the guest to refrain from drinking, and if it is compromising safety, they may stop the ride. If the vehicle requires cleaning due to spilled food or drinks, there may be an additional charge.

What vehicles does Let’s transfer use?

The images seen when booking are strictly illustrative as the actual vehicles used may be any of those listed above. We cannot guarantee any requests for specific vehicle models as the vehicle used is subject to availability.

How long will the chauffeur wait for me?

For a standard pickup (i.e. from a hotel or home address), your chauffeur will wait for 30 minutes before leaving the pickup point. The first 15 minutes are complimentary, and you will only be charged for the remaining 15 minutes. If you know ahead of time you may be delayed, we recommend reaching out to us via chat so that we can find a workaround for you. Airport and train station pickups come with one hour of complimentary wait time before the chauffeur will leave the pickup location. By providing your flight or train number when booking, your chauffeur will be able to track your arrival time and adjust your pickup time for any delays and early arrivals (where possible). If there is a very long delay and the chauffeur is unable to wait, we will contact you to work out an alternative solution.

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